In 1996 a gentleman named Chris Seagle and I were teaching music lessons in the back rooms of what was then named The Music Loft. Chris envisioned a larger teaching facility and worked hard to realize that vision. He opened the doors of the new studio in March of 1997 and, twenty-two years later, this community still benefits from his efforts.

Aside from a one-year sabbatical, I’ve been on staff here since our opening. I’ve watched CMI evolve and become a trusted, valued partner in our community. It’s a place where students may arrive feeling tired or burdened after school or work, but from which they emerge refreshed and energized (at least, this is what area families have reported for two decades). Perhaps this is because the exploration of music in a relaxed, supportive environment is such an enriching experience. As 19th century German author Berthold Auerbach observed, "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Our continued mission is to share the joy of playing music with families and individuals and, in so doing, to further enrich this wonderful, vibrant community.

I can never thank enough:

Chris Seagle, my dear friend, for creating this opportunity for music instructors and students.

Jay Miller, our building owner, for his generosity, support, and service to so many in the Triangle area.

My fellow instructors at CMI, whose expertise, warmth and energy make this studio a special place.

Every student and parent whom we have had the honor and privilege to serve. You are our patrons, our friends, our family. Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Frank Worrell
Facilitator, Creative Music Instruction